Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hippo's friend Squeaky wrote to tell him about how she spends autumn in Michigan:

Squeaky enjoys reading about Hippo's adventures – they make her laugh and squeak.

She likes to garden and harvest grapes at the end of the season.

She turns apples into apple butter.

To send to all her friends.

When Squeaky makes cookies, she makes some little hippo sized ones.

She enjoys playing beautiful music.

And she likes to pet big kitties.

She's very handy, especially at fixing little parts.

Squeaky likes to go for drives through the countryside.

But she doesn't like having car problems. Where did we put the gas?

Have some apple pie, it'll make everything better.

Squeaky Loves Hippo.


Regulus said...

They make an adorable couple! How did Squeaky and Hippo meet? And is it a completely hippoplatonic relationship or is there more to the back story??

What show was that on the TV in the image of Squeaky and the apple pie? It looked a bit like "Family Feud."

Hippo A. Potamus said...

Squeaky and I are just friends. She is VERY shy and turns pink and squeaks a lot when we talk. Besides, I wouldn't want to alienate any of the other pretty girl hippos who have talked to me on my blog. :)

Squeaky says she can't remember what was on TV. She was busy supervising the apple pie.

Squeaky said...

It was Family Feud, but I wasn't paying close attention. I was busy waiting patiently for a piece of pie!