Friday, October 23, 2009

Beach Hippo

I finished my summer by taking a trip to the beach in Ocean City, Maryland.

Of course I had to walk along the boardwalk and visit the kite shop.

And play mini-golf.

I won, of course.

The water was kind of cold for a hippo, but I liked flying kites, walking on the beach, and picking up shells and other keepsakes.

That's a funny looking shell. I wonder what it is?

As it turns out, it wasn't a shell. Meet my new friend Frankie, a little sphere'o'potamus who needed a good home. He came home with me to live with my other tiny potamus pals.


Regulus said...

Hippos and other plush potomuses come into our lives in unexpected ways, whether (as in this case) on the beach in October in Ocean City or (as in my case) at the Alexandria Target in 2003 where my Flippo appeared on a shelf of plush hippos.

Mr. Potomus, how did you come into Mr. Rick's life?

Hippo A. Potamus said...

Memories of my childhood are a little fuzzy (like me).

My first memory is of Miss Kiki rescuing me from a basket of creatures in a dollar store. Then she introduced me to Mr. Rick and told him to take good care of me.

One day I saw Miss Kiki and Mr. Rick packing suitcases and bags with bathing suits, cameras, and games. I suspected they were planning something fun, so I demanded that they take me along. I enjoyed posing for pictures and acting as their tour guide. They must have like it too, because they've taken me as their travel companion ever since!

As you have already discovered, life is better with a hippo.

Jimbo said...

Has Hippo ever met Tubby? Tubby travels quite a bit too!

Hippo A. Potamus said...

Hi, Mr. Jimbo! No, I haven't met Mr. Tubby, but I have followed his adventures on the Hippolotofus message board. I'm not quite as adventurous as he is, but I hope to be as well traveled as he is someday!

Regulus said...

I've heard of the song "Beach Blanket Bingo" but maybe we need a new one for Hippo's next O.C. visit and we'll call it "Beach Blanket Hippo," except who would play the equivalent role of Annette Funicello??

Jimbo said...

Perhaps Miss Squeaky could play the Annette Funicello role??