Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hippos (sort of) at Work

Another FOH (Friend of Hippo) discovered she gets to work with hippos (sort of) every day. Not the cute little kind like me, or the cute rotund kind like Jessica or Owen or Uncle Happy.

This is the cute, little kind of hippo.

These hippos are lucky enough to live in a big, fancy library! This library is so fancy, they use old card catalog cards for scrap paper.

This kind of hippo is the patron saint of brewers (I knew there was a reason I like root beer!), printers, theologians, and sore eyes.

Cameras weren't invented yet when he was alive, but he looked kind of like this.

This is another kind of sort-of a hippo.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Ludwig von Flusspferd is on summer vacation in Michigan. It's considerably cooler there than his hometown of Washington, DC. Since he's too absorbent to wade in a pool, he prefers to lounge in the shade with a mild breeze and a cool drink.

But yesterday his human escort injured his leg and had to go see a doctor for X-rays. So they ventured out into the hot weather. It was kind of scary looking at all the instruments while they waited for the doctor. And in the X-ray room there was a hard table and some kind of apparatus hanging from the ceiling that looked like it'd be good at bonking you on the head.

His human was okay – nothing broken. And Ludwig got to pick a cool sticker on his way out.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Too hot for hippos

My apologies to all hippo-fans and Friends of Hippo for taking so long between posts.  I've been so busy, and  it has been too hot to go on my usual outings and adventures. 

Between bouts of sitting in front of the air conditioner sipping lemonade and eating popsicles, I've been trying to look after an unwell member of our little hippo-pod.  Hopefully, he is on the mend and we will start taking field trips again, soon. 

Dressing in my doctor duds probably helps him heal faster.

In the meantime, think cool thoughts!