Friday, April 16, 2010

Hippo B. Potamus

Have you ever Googled yourself? Typed your name into a search engine and seen what information about you is on the web?

Well, a little Mr. Hippo B. Potamus entered his name into a Google search, and Google said, "Did you mean Hippo A. Potamus?".

"Intriguing. Another hippo with a similar name?", Mr. B. Potamus thought as he perched in a tree among the blossoms. "Let's find out more about this fellow."

So he clicked a link and discovered our own little Hippo A. Potamus.

What a joyful reunion! Hippo was thrilled to meet a possible relative – maybe a cousin? There is a family resemblance, despite the difference in color and extra legs. Hippo A. Potamus has only two legs, but he's equipped with a special boogie pouch that helps him dance and pose with dexterity. And Hippo B. Potamus has an eye patch to cover a swashbuckling injury.

Two more hippos brought together by the power of the World Wide Web. Isn't that wonderful?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hippo Ennumeration

A Friend of Hippo (FOH) pointed out that if I don't take a thorough snout-count of my hippo household, I might miss out on civic hippo representation and civic hippo dollars!

But do I count just us fuzzy ones? Do the House Hippos have their own count? Does Tiny count as a fraction of a hippo? Does Frankie count as a hippo-and-a-half? How do you count Flatopotamus? Does anyone have enough fingers to count us all?

We'll just let FOH's and ennumerators count for themselves.

Click to enlarge

That reminds me – Have all you humans sent your census forms in?!?

Click to enlarge

Twenty-five hippopotamuses! Hippos truly are social animals. How many hippos are in your household?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Hippo

I hope all the hippo fans had a good Easter and a nice spring break. I must have been a very good hippo, since the Easter Hippo left me a basket full of goodies.

He left some yummy chocolate eggs, my very own tiny hippo size Slinkie toy, and best of all – my own itty-bitty baby dwarf house hippo!