Friday, October 16, 2009

Mountain Hippo

I try to take my staff on fun outings as often as possible, so one day we drove to the Catoctin Mountains for a nature walk. Instead of the national park, we decided to go to the Cunningham Falls State Park where we walked on a nature trail up to the falls...

...and down to the lake.

We also went to the Cactoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo!

It is a very small zoo, so no hippos here except me (and any other visiting small companion hippos). They do have a very interesting educational poster, though.

My name in Swahili is "Kiboko."

There are some real zoo animals like monkeys, tigers, and these tangoing tortoises.

And a lot of friendlier animals that you can skritch and feed!

We even went to one of the animal encounters. Unlike the big zoos, the show let us get really close to some of the unusual and non-dangerous animals. I even got to touch a prickly hedgehog!

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