Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Squeaky and Tai Shan

Hippo's friend Squeaky also wanted to see Tai Shan before he left America.

It was a nice snowy day to enjoy Winter at the National Zoo.

Even big kitties, which normally are not fond of water, seemed to enjoy a bit of snow on the snout.

Squeaky checked on the progress of the elephant walk construction. Elephant-sized path: check. Big bath tub: check. Elephants: elephants? Where are they?

Humans outnumber the critters at the zoo today. Maybe the elephants are hiding. Or helping to plow the parking lots to make room for all the visitors.

She sees him! She seems him! Tai Shan!

Snow makes pandas hungry.

Eating can get tiring.

Time for a snooze in the snow.

And time for lunch. An apple sandwich and bamboo fries, please!


Regulus said...

So it looks like the gang went to the National Zoo twice this past week -- before and after the snow the other day.

So now we don't have ANY pandas? I guess I'm behind on my panda-news.

The little girl who starts crying when the panda lumbers off made the clip poignant. I'm sure that's not why she was crying but it was well timed.

I once wrote back in April 2001 (back when I hoped to be a journalist, now I just hope to pay my rent before the end of the month, but I digress) this piece about a lady named Nancy Poore Tufts (who was then 91 years old) on whose property in Fort Washington, Maryland grew large amounts of bamboo that the National Zoo people regularly cut down for the pandas. This piece was actually picked up by The Washington Times (which had a better picture of her, as I recall) standing in her private grove of bamboo.

I imagine Ms. Tufts is no longer around -- or else she'd be 100 by now. She was a fascinating woman in her own right.

Sorry for such a long comment.

Is the hippo gang ready for all the snow coming?

Hippo A. Potamus said...

The National Zoo still has two pandas--Tai Shan's parents Mei Xiang (aka Panda-mom) and Tian Tian (aka Panda-dad). Their contract is up for renewal later this year. Of course, we're all ready for "Panda Watch 2010" and hoping we have another Panda-ling this year!

Anonymous said...

The zoo is hippo-less. Except when Mr. Potamus and friends visit.

Frank T. said...

Nancy Poore Tufts is indeed still alive as of today. She is having her 100th Birthday party next month at the Episcopal Church in Ft. Washington. Except for arthritis she is in excellent health and quite the merry bon vivant.

The Government is still taking bamboo off of Mrs. Tufts land and the bamboo keeps coming back.