Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Great Snow-pocalypse of 2010

I've heard the "staff" grumbling something about "H-E-double hockey sticks freezing over," but the rest of our little hippo bloat thinks the snow is pretty.

Aurora especially likes to play outside in the snow. She built her own little snow hippo friend.

Aurora also likes kitties and was very impressed by a snow kitty she saw on her walk.

Brrrr! Aurora got kind of cold and wet after a while, so she stopped for some coffee to warm up.

I wonder what all the other hippos were up to during the blizzard?!?!


Anonymous said...

Aurora is so cute!

I love the picture of her playing in the snow and kudos to the person who made her hat. :)

Looks extremely comfy. ;)

Regulus said...

So the hippo gang includes Aurora, Squeaky, Hippo A. Potamus and the fourth one who is sort of spherical shaped but I'm not remembering his name.

My Flippo was a little snowed out so he and the other plushes took a jaunt to some remote speck of a tropical South Pacific island for the afternoon. Just a lot of sun, swimming, and umbrella rum drinks. Then they were back home by Cobalt bar closing time.

Hippo A. Potamus said...

Aurora is very thankful that her friend (and friend to hippos everywhere) knitted her a hat so her tiny little ears stay warm while she plays outside.

Our little hippo clan includes plenty of camera-shy hippos, too, but the more outgoing hippos will continue to report on their adventures and other hippo-news.

Unlike Mr. Flippo, none of us thought of taking field trip to someplace warm (other than the couch with cups of hot chocolate) in time to escape the blizzard.