Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hippos on Ice

Since we're stuck with winter – and the snow and ice that go with it – for a while longer, our little hippo clan decided to hold our own Hipp-O-Lympics.

You already know that Frankie likes curling, Aurora is a world-champion snow-hippo builder, Ludwig likes the slalom snow-hippo-angel making competition, Squeaky thinks the huge-hippo-luge looks interesting, and Opie is a speed-snout-sliding world champion!

As for me, I like ALL the winter hippo sports, but the napping-on-the-couch-after-a-cup-of-hot-chocolate-with-mini-marshmallows-marathon is my favorite!


Regulus said...

Where do you guys shop for your little hippo clothing and other hippo needs? I love the hats and the "1" medal is perfect. You are "1" Mr. Potamus!

Actually, I think we are starting our climb out of winter.

Speaking of the Olympics, what did you think of that awful NBC cutaway from the closing ceremony? Here I was expecting Celine Dion to descend from the top rafters of the stadium in razzle-dazzle glory, and instead there was Jerry Seinfeld's mug.

Hippo A. Potamus said...

We hippos just pick up our duds when we find them. I found the medal at a candy store. Post-Olympics, it makes a tasty snack!

Several hippos were under the weather on Sunday, so we didn't watch the closing ceremonies.