Monday, February 2, 2009


I hope everyone had a good Groundhog Day celebration! I always start February 2nd in a pleasant way, just in case I get Groundhog Dayed. This year I set the alarm an hour late, then watched cartoons and drank hot chocolate.

In the afternoon it got pretty warm, so I went to the zoo to visit a weather expert. The zoo where I live doesn't have a resident groundhog (at least not on the official list of residents) so I decided to talk to the next best expert – a prairie dog.

"Excuse me! Sir? How many more weeks of winter?"

He didn't seem too eager to talk. But from the long shadow cast by his posterior, I think it would be a good idea to keep the scarf and mittens handy.


Danielle said...

Hello! I just stumbled onto your blog and I think it's the cutest! (your hippo is also a lot nicer than the other Hippo who plays mean tricks on that poor Bully) My boyfriend and I own 7 hippos and are always looking for more. Can't wait to see what other adventures Hippo goes on!

Hippo A. Potamus said...

:) Well, I have been described as a rather gentle (and humble) little hippo.

Other Hippo certainly does seem rather--um--strong willed, but I like to read the comics about her. Maybe it's just her artistic temperament showing. I've thrown a little hippo tantrum or two. Usually when we run out of cookies.

I'm glad to hear that 7 hippos have a good home. You can NEVER have too many hippos!

Conny said...

"You can NEVER have too many hippos!"
Yes, that's what my boyfriend always sais when we got some new hippos--- at least we can't count them anymore.....

Danielle said...

Well, the bed IS getting a little crowded... The next time we travel we'll be sure to bring a hippo or two along to have some fun.