Monday, February 9, 2009

Funny Signs

When I travel, I like to collect pictures of funny signs.

Mmmmmmmm.... That sounds like a tasty snack for a hippo!

I tried to stay 5 feet away from the monkeys, but they can't read!

This one just makes me giggle. I hope he made it on time!

This one is kind of confusing. How do I know which way to go?

My staff told me to post this one. I still don't get it.


Danielle said...

Have you ever gone to the San Diego zoo? They have wonderful hippos there and many that are up for adoption! (I could only take home one and he was one lucky hippo!)

Hippo A. Potamus said...

I haven't been to the San Diego Zoo, yet, but it is on my list of vacation spots I want to see!

I spend a lot of time visiting the resident hippos at the National Zoo in Washington, DC and have brought home more than a few small hippo friends! My staff won't let me adopt more than one per visit, though.