Friday, April 16, 2010

Hippo B. Potamus

Have you ever Googled yourself? Typed your name into a search engine and seen what information about you is on the web?

Well, a little Mr. Hippo B. Potamus entered his name into a Google search, and Google said, "Did you mean Hippo A. Potamus?".

"Intriguing. Another hippo with a similar name?", Mr. B. Potamus thought as he perched in a tree among the blossoms. "Let's find out more about this fellow."

So he clicked a link and discovered our own little Hippo A. Potamus.

What a joyful reunion! Hippo was thrilled to meet a possible relative – maybe a cousin? There is a family resemblance, despite the difference in color and extra legs. Hippo A. Potamus has only two legs, but he's equipped with a special boogie pouch that helps him dance and pose with dexterity. And Hippo B. Potamus has an eye patch to cover a swashbuckling injury.

Two more hippos brought together by the power of the World Wide Web. Isn't that wonderful?


Regulus said...

Mr. Rick's hippo pod has been quite quiet lately. What's going on over there?

I have another new hippo and I've named her Aurora -- if only because that was the name on the tag fastened to her when I got her at one of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum gift shops. She fits right in with the rest of my hippo pod that is part of my larger plush animal family.

Do you have any more details on what Mr. Hippo B. Potamus's "swashbuckling" injury? Was he trying to round Cape Horn into the Roaring 40's? Seeking a new spice trade route to the Orient? He's a busy little hippo. I think I prefer the domesticity and tranquility of your little D.C. hippo pod.

Hippo A. Potamus said...

We've been busy taking care of ill hippos again, so I haven't gotten out for many adventures, lately. As soon as certain hippos are feeling better, I will have more to post about.

I don't know much about Mr. H.B.P.'s swashbuckling injury, other than he is quite the international hippo of mystery! Perhaps he will tell us the rest of the story someday.

That is kind of how our little Aurora got her name, too. That and she likes bright, shiny objects, so the name seemed appropriate.