Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hippo Fiesta

Hippo Cinco de Mayo!
(I'm doing my Hippo Hat Dance)

And Hippo Birthday!

But after all the fiesta, this hippo needs a siesta.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hippo!
Happy birthday from all our house hippos in Montreal, Canada!
Prince Mr. Hippo Potamus in our house will be 4 on May 14. He wants to know how old Mr. Hippo A. Potamus will be!

Hippo A. Potamus said...

I'm about 3 years old, but wise beyond my little hippo years. Or so I tell my staff and little kingdom of hippos!

Regulus said...

So how was Cinco de Hippo this year?? It looks like Mr. Potamus and his l'il hippo pod enjoyed themselves quite a bit! I'm glad to hear this!

And I'm glad you're doing well.

I was worried about you. Take of yourself.

Alena said...

Glad you got to partake in some hippo celebration!

Lady V dZine said...

Hippo is too stinkin cute!