Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hippo Ennumeration

A Friend of Hippo (FOH) pointed out that if I don't take a thorough snout-count of my hippo household, I might miss out on civic hippo representation and civic hippo dollars!

But do I count just us fuzzy ones? Do the House Hippos have their own count? Does Tiny count as a fraction of a hippo? Does Frankie count as a hippo-and-a-half? How do you count Flatopotamus? Does anyone have enough fingers to count us all?

We'll just let FOH's and ennumerators count for themselves.

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That reminds me – Have all you humans sent your census forms in?!?

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Twenty-five hippopotamuses! Hippos truly are social animals. How many hippos are in your household?


Regulus said...

Hippo, Would you mind if I posted this picture of your happy hippo family on my blog? I absolutely that picture. I will credit your blog.

Your hippo-enumeration was accurate and detailed. And I love that you even counted the two little hippos in the mini-version of "Hungry, Hungry Hippos" board game.

I have four hippos -- Flippo, Harvey, Bryan, and Gustav -- as well as two versions of "Hungry, Hungry Hippos," so that gives me two (in the mini-version) and four (in the regular board game version), so I guess I have 10 hippos.

Only the plush ones are in my bed, and truth be told, Bryan and Gustav look more like teddy bear-hippo hybrids, so only Flippo and Harvey are unmistakably plush hippos.

I should probably change my avatar from Kermit and the Cookie Monster (that is a very old Kermit when he was actually in a "Sesame Street" episode) to Flippo and Harvey.

Thank you for doing your hippo civic duty, and I am PROUD to be a "FOH".

Regulus said...

Clarification: "I absolutely love that picture." I was typing too fast!

Hippo A. Potamus said...

Hi, Mr. Regulus--sure you can post our family photo! Hippos are always happy to have good publicity.

We still aren't quite sure how many of us there are. A couple of the more aloof hippos were hiding amongst the dust bunnies and missed the photo shoot. ...And then there is Grumpie Duckie (back line, 3rd from the left, in the yellow, wearing a hippo snout; he was adopted, but he's part of the family, so we count him.

The Coalition said...

Snorts and grunts from my little bloat, which at last count comprised 40 (yes, forty) perfect, pudgy potamuses!
Qualitatively, though, you've got us beat - none of mine are as well traveled as Hippo and co!