Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Ludwig von Flusspferd wrote to tell Hippo how much he likes seeing all the fun things that Hippo does. And he wanted to share some other things that he likes to do too.

Ludwig likes snuggling in for a long trip.

Ludwig likes consulting the lunch menu.

Ludwig likes food shaped like O's

Ludwig likes playing in the snow.

Ludwig likes making angelic snow hippos.

Ludwig likes computing probability distributions.

Ludwig likes decorating cookies.

Ludwig likes playing the Moonlight Sonata.

Ludwig likes eating cake.

Ludwig likes art.

Ludwig likes posing with statues.

Ludwig likes pretty pictures.

Ludwig likes collecting souvenirs.

Ludwig likes getting presents.

Ludwig likes playing games.

Ludwig likes fancy dinners.

Ludwig likes dessert.

Ludwig likes taking naps.

Sweet dreams, Ludwig. And have a happy new year!


Hippo A. Potamus said...

Ludwig's self portrait hippo cookies turned out really well! The candy-cane stripe hippo looks especially tasty.

Jimbo said...

Happy New Year Mr. Hippo and to all our Hippo friends!

Regulus said...

Well, I have a hippo, too, and his name is Flippo, and he is the plushest, sweetest and dolly-est hippo I have ever met, and I have tried to tell the world about him, too.

Just sayin' ...

Jimbo said...

Zoo Lights Phoenix till Jan 10th.



Zee Hippo said...

This blog always brings a smile to my face. :D

Happy New Year to all the wonderful hippos and thank you Ludwig for the many cute photos!!! ;)