Saturday, December 19, 2009


Brrrr! Opie wished for snow for Christmas, but Santa seemed to have gotten a little carried away!

Horatio is trying to see how much snow fell.

Look at those snowdrifts!

My tiny friend Aurora said she was going outside to try her new hat, but I can't find her.

There she is! She can't wait to build a snow hippo and then warm her toes with some hot chocolate.

Happy snow day!


Jimbo said...

SNOMG !!! It's a snowpocolypse !!!

See below for details:

Regulus said...

HIPPO! I was wondering how you and your friends and family were doing in all this snow. I hope Rick or someone rescued your little hippo pal Aurora from the bench -- she sort of disappeared into that drift. I wouldn't have seen her put for colorful hat.

Who is Horatio?

And what did you do during the snowfall?

By the way, it's weird how close you live to me. I think it's literally like less than a mile from me.

For the hippo-record, we had 16.4 inches of snow at National Airport, tied for 6th biggest D.C. snowstorm of all time (tied with 2003 storm) and 21.0 inches at BWI, also the 6th biggest.

Regulus said...

Oh,yes, thank you Jimbo Hippo for the info on the Zoo Lights. I am going to go there in a few days finally.

Jimbo said...

FYI Regulus ...

The Zoo is closed Tuesday, Dec. 22nd, see:

Follow the Zoo on Twitter:

Jimbo said...

Zoolights is canceled tonight, Tuesday, Dec 22. Tickets are valid any other night of Zoolights.