Friday, December 11, 2009

Hippo Claus

This is Opie's first Christmas with our clan. The other hippos have been telling him about all the exciting activities this season brings: Hunting for a 12-inch Christmas tree. Decking the halls with penguins. Advent calendars filled with chocolate. Cutting out cookies shaped like stars and sheep. Beautiful lights at the zoo. And a visit from a jolly elf in a red suit!

We were surprised when Santa Claus made a personal appearance at our home one night, far ahead of Christmas Eve. He invited Opie to sit on his lap and telling what a good hippopotamus he has been all year.

Opie was a little shy but thrilled to meet the big guy (who must have magically shrunk himself to little hippo size). Opie did comment that Santa Claus sounded a little different than he expected. Instead of "Ho! Ho! Ho!", Santa went more like "Giggle. Giggle. Oof! Snicker. Giggle." when Opie sat on his lap.

Hippo says he knows just what to get Opie this year. What a thoughtful friend!


Zee Hippo said...

Love the Hippo costumes and esp the Santa Hippo one! :)

Regulus said...