Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hippo goes to the Fair - Part Two

I had so much fun at the county fair that I still have more to show! Since this is an agricultural fair, a lot of farmers brought their animals. Meet some of my new friends:

Here is a newborn calf and her mom. Mom looks a little tired, but baby is already standing up!

The goats were all friendly, but since they chew on everything, I was afraid to get too close. You never know when someone might start nibbling on one's fuzzy coat.

This fancy chicken was nice enough to pose for a photo. I met a lot of regular chickens, too, but they were shy about having their pictures taken.

Mr. Bunny looked kind of hot in his fuzzy coat, but he had a big fan to cool him off.

Hmmmmm. I wonder if these little guys are related to my friend Grumpie Duckie? They seem rather happy, so maybe not.

A couple of alpacas even came to the fair. Say "cheese!" while I take your picture!

Some friendly cows were hanging out at the cow wash, getting ready for their turn to compete for the blue ribbon.

And this nicely groomed lamb didn't want to get his wool dirty when he went out for a walk before his competition, so he wore a shirt to stay clean.

All of this fun is really exhausting, but I can hardly wait to visit everyone again next year! Until then, I'll just work on my artwork for next year's entries.

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