Monday, September 21, 2009

What a Zoo!

Some of my favorite places to visit are zoos, so when I went to Baltimore, I just had to visit the Maryland Zoo!

No hippos (except when I visit) at this zoo, but there are rhinoceroses. Please note, rhinos have horns on their snouts, and hippos do not. Knowing the difference is very important-after all, this isn't "Rhinograms." They're still nifty creatures, though.

I asked these guys if anyone wanted to be my Personal Penguin, but they were all busy. The seagulls said they were busy, too.

This friendly giraffe was nice enough to bend down to fit in the picture. I still had to step waaaaaay back to fit the whole giraffe in the frame.

I learned a lot about the arctic...

Like how NOT to go trick or treating if you live where there are polar bears.

This zoo also has a farm area,

And a place to brush goats. Here's my friend after I brushed his hair. Say "goat cheese!"

One of the unique things about the Maryland Zoo is learning about the local wildlife. I got to see how I measure up to the orange spotted turtles.

...or not.

I had so much fun, I can hardly wait for my next visit!

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Regulus said...

I am a plush hippo just like you. I live in Washington, D.C., not far from that Maryland Zoo in Baltimore featured in your recent entries. I really enjoyed reading your blog.

-- Flippo the Hippo.