Monday, August 31, 2009

Hippo goes to the Fair - Part One

One of my absolute most favorite things in the whole world is my annual visit to the county fair!

It gets kind of crowded, so you have to remember where you park. Luckily, I got VIP parking in the "H is for Hippo" row, so it was easy to remember.

I watched people make things, like the chainsaw sculpture of a piggy. I wonder if Santa would bring me a chainsaw for Christmas so I can make one, too?

And there are all kinds of competitions to enter, like sewing, baking, flower arranging, vegetable growing, and a lot more! ...Suddenly, I'm really hungry for a tomato sandwich.

There are even funny competitions like toilet decorating. I like the googly toilet.

I even entered a photo of a very handsome and adorable little hippo in the Arts, Crafts, and Photography department. I didn't win, but the fun part is entering and having things displayed all week.

Of course, no visit to the fair is complete without a snack! I just wish my staff would wait until after I wipe my snout before they take my picture.

And don't forget the carnival!

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