Friday, October 10, 2008

Embassy Row

Hippo loves to travel and see distant lands. There are so many places to see that it will take quite a long time to see them all! But Hippo found a shortcut – if you walk along Embassy Row in his home city of Washington, DC then you will find outposts from countries around the globe:

Belgium has pretty flowers, a nice view of the cathedral, and waffles.

Finland is an excellent example of postmodern architecture.

Hippo waved hello to the nice lady from Norway.

Hippo heard a Big Ben ringtone outside the United Kingdom.

Italy is angular and modern.

Turkey brews irresistible coffee and plays sweet music.

Hippo forgot to pack his sombrero for this visit to Mexico.

It's a little early to stop for a caipirinha at Brazil.

The Islamic Center has pretty towers and arches.

India has a friendly pair of door elephants.

The sculptural globes outside Korea are fascinating.

Hippo resisted the urge to tiptoe through the flower gardens of Togo.

A book of flags might be helpful for identifying all these countries. Hippo imagines that there must be a wonderful variety of foods cooking along Embassy Row at dinnertime. He'd be delighted to accept an invitation from any ambassador with a little extra to share.

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