Monday, September 22, 2008


Hippos love zoos – many of them have shady pools for hippos to relax in. And if you have somebody to carry you around then there are lots of exotic animals to see. Hippo's friend Hazel took a trip to the Toledo Zoo recently and her human Chris shared her photo album.

Hazel buckles in for the trip. It's a little hard to see out the window, so she might take a little nap. Brimmed hats are important for protecting delicate snouts from the sun.

We're there! Do they have big hippos? The design of the sign is a good omen.

Hazel makes a friend. Bronze gorilla backs are so warm and protective.

Hazel measures up. She's not quite as tall as a wild hippo. How do wild hippos ever find a human strong enough to carry them around?

Hazel's carrier is very cozy. It functions as a sedan chair, a nest, and a place to store any goodies she finds.

Penguins are Hazel's second favorite animal.

Oooh! They have one, they have one. A real, live BIG HIPPO! He has a nice beach to walk on. I wonder if he has space for a roommate?

Hazel was so good that she got a treat. Be careful with the Jaw Busters!

That looked like a great zoo to visit. I think the next time that Hippo is in Toledo he'll have to make a pilgrimage of his own.


Conny said...

Hello Hazel!
We were at the Zoo in Kronberg (near Frankfurt) on Saturday! And they had Hippos and we had a special tour with a guide. We were able to feed and pet a Hippo called Tana. She was so cute! If you want to you can watch those pictures here:

Have a nice week!
Conny's hippo family

Hippo A. Potamus said...

Hazel is a very pretty little hippo with good taste in hippo treats.

Hippos don't have any trouble with jawbreakers, as you can see from Conny's excellent hippo photos with close-ups of hippo jaws!

Conny, your hippo friend is lucky to get so many carrot treats!