Friday, September 26, 2008

George Washington University

Hippo likes watching football and other sports. Many teams have animal mascots like the Michigan Wolverines and Detroit Lions. Hippo wondered why nobody had thought of choosing a really great animal mascot – Hippopotamus amphibius.

Well, last weekend Hippo learned that somebody did, and they're right in his own backyard! George Washington University has had an unofficial hippo mascot since 2001 when this statue was erected at 21st and H Street NW.

Unfortunately, the bosses at GWU decided that making the hippo their official mascot was too problematic. John Och explains: "We regulate marks and logos that we own as a university. But from a legal perspective, we don't have any recourse to regulate the hippo." I know what he means – I have trouble regulating my hippo every day.

Fortunately, the hippo will remain as an unofficial mascot. The GW Bookstore announced that it will continue to sell hippo apparel. Hippo might go shopping there for fall fashions, though he tries to dress a bit smarter than this fellow.

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