Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Too hot for hippos

My apologies to all hippo-fans and Friends of Hippo for taking so long between posts.  I've been so busy, and  it has been too hot to go on my usual outings and adventures. 

Between bouts of sitting in front of the air conditioner sipping lemonade and eating popsicles, I've been trying to look after an unwell member of our little hippo-pod.  Hopefully, he is on the mend and we will start taking field trips again, soon. 

Dressing in my doctor duds probably helps him heal faster.

In the meantime, think cool thoughts!


Regulus said...

Hi Hippo!

My little pod of hippos are thinking of you guys and sending as much good hippo vibes and positive energy your way. I hope your hippo pod is back in full hippo form as soon as possible.

Stay cool in this awful heat -- being in a nicely air-conditioned room is where you should be with lemonade and some ice cream.

And you look great in your scrubs duds.

Patrick said...

ice cream sounds great.
it's really awful hot...
my hippos are lying in my sink and bathtub all day to cool off a bit...

Anonymous said...

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