Saturday, July 24, 2010


Ludwig von Flusspferd is on summer vacation in Michigan. It's considerably cooler there than his hometown of Washington, DC. Since he's too absorbent to wade in a pool, he prefers to lounge in the shade with a mild breeze and a cool drink.

But yesterday his human escort injured his leg and had to go see a doctor for X-rays. So they ventured out into the hot weather. It was kind of scary looking at all the instruments while they waited for the doctor. And in the X-ray room there was a hard table and some kind of apparatus hanging from the ceiling that looked like it'd be good at bonking you on the head.

His human was okay – nothing broken. And Ludwig got to pick a cool sticker on his way out.


Hazel said...

We're glad that nothing was broken.

We recently had a little scare in our hippo family... Our new Hippo friend Harry had to get some stitches for a cut on his foot...

But everything went smoothly and everybody celebrated with Happy Hippo Biscuits!

Rick Wagner said...

Oh my! The sight of stitches makes Hippo a little woozy. He says he needs to lie down with a blanket, a plate of cookies, and some milk.

Personally I think he's exaggerating, but an assortment of cookies DOES sound good....

Hippo A. Potamus said...

Poor Harry! I'm glad his foot feels better. Your little pod is lucky to have you take such good care of them.

Eating Hippo Biscuits doesn't make me a cannibal, does it?

I think I might feel even better with another big plate of cookies, just in case the wooziness comes back. Preventive medicine!