Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lucky Baby Hippo

I was reading the news, and I came across this article about a very lucky and adorable baby Pygmy Hippo!

Monifa, whose name means "I am lucky" in Nigerian, was born after a very difficult breach birth, and might have died if the dedicated staff at the Taronga Zoo in Australia hadn't stepped in. They stayed with her around the clock keeping her from getting lonely and scared, keeping her safe, teaching her to eat (very important for a growing hippo!), and teaching her to walk--all the things good Hippo parents do for their Hippo kids.

She is still tiny, but she is now double her birth size and playful. She really seems to enjoy bathtime, and even does somersaults in the water!

She is really cute, but I bet she'll be embarrassed by those baby bathtime pictures when she is older. You can see more cute baby pictures here

I'm just glad nobody took pictures of me taking a bath! ...or maybe they did!

How humiliating.


Anonymous said...

Cute bathtime hippos! Both of them!

Anonymous said...

My mom thinks the pumpkin pictures were really cool.

Fab Von D said...

OK, i just fell in love.... I LOVE U... This is the best blog ever!! E V E R

Anonymous said...

Wow someone who loves hippos even more than me!

Patrick said...

Really great pictures, I like your blog!!

Since the last blog was two weeks ago, I hope you still continue doing it!

Hippo A. Potamus said...

I'm always happy to oblige my loyal Hippofans. I will post again, soon.

I have been busy with Thanksgiving preparations. Hippos can eat a lot of pumpkin pie!

Sometimes, hippos even eat them before Thanksgiving and have to make more in time for guests to arrive.

hippoluv said...

Don't get a tummy ache from too much pie!

Nicolina said...

Sorry for invading your privacy like that, Hippo, but you will look good no matter what you wear! (even a towel)