Monday, June 16, 2008

How to feed a hippo

An animal keeper from the National Zoo told the Washington Post what 27-year-old Happy the hippopotamus likes to eat:

The 6,000-pound hippo consumes seven pounds of herbivore pellets, 4 1/2 pounds of fruits and vegetables and 35 pounds of hay -- in one day. Wild hippos consume as much as 88 pounds of grass per night, but as a percentage of their body weight (1 to 1.5 percent), that's only about half the amount required by other hoofed mammals.

The shopping list for the whole zoo includes 6,000 pounds of apples, 2,000 pounds of oranges, 2,000 pounds of papayas, and 1,200 ears of corn on the cob. That sounds like a nice picnic!


Hippo A. Dorable said...

Hippo A. Dorable here, my favorite food is broccoli. It's shaped like a tree, and good for my health. What's your favorite food Mr. Potamus?

Hippo A. Potamus said...

I'm rather fond of cookies! But I'm not a very fussy Hippo. I'll eat whatever my "staff" is having. Any other Hippos out there want to share their favorite foods?

Chenille L'Ippopotama said...

I like lots of different foods. My favorite cookies right now are Moomin biscuits that I picked up from the Korean grocery in Rockville. Right now, though, it's berry season! Yum!