Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I'm an outdoorsy kind of Hippo, as most hippos are. So I like to go for a hike in some of our national parks when I get a chance. It has rained a lot lately, but I didn't let a little water stop me. I wanted to see what the high water levels of the Potomac River looked like from the Overlook at Great Falls National Park.

WOW! That's a lot of water and some really rough currents! While I was there, I waved at people in Virginia, just across the river. I think some of them waved back.

With water that high, there was also some flooding that carried HUGE piles of trash out of the river. That makes me kind of sad.

Parks should be kept trash-free. If there aren't trash cans, you should always carry out what you carried in, and maybe even clean up a little while you're there. I can't carry a trash bag big enough to clean up the whole mess, but I did my part by recycling a plastic bag as a stylish rain poncho!

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