Thursday, May 22, 2008

Will work for cookies

Even though Hippo considers himself to be a celebrity, he likes to bond with his staff and help out with the work. Of course, when he does, he expects a regular salary like everybody else.

After some heated negotiations with himself, he has agreed upon a pay rate. One-quarter cookie an hour up to 40 hours a week, and three-quarters cookie an hour for overtime. Benefits are insurance – including snout and vision, paid vacation (lots of time to eat cookies then), sick leave (for when he gets a tummy ache from eating too many cookies), and retirement.

(Hippo probably won't retire. He doesn't understand why anyone would tire themselves out a second time if they are already tired.)

Hippo is very skilled:

He is good with filing – except when he can't find the "Elemenohpee" folder or reach above the bottom drawer.

He types 2 WPM and is an expert on shorthand (his are very, very short).

He works well with spreadsheets – especially when they are spread on the bed for his afternoon nap. He is also willing to travel extensively, especially on car trips.


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