Thursday, May 8, 2008

Long noses

Hippo has quite a BIG nose. Or at least it's a big nose in comparison to a small hippo. But sometimes he wishes he had a loooong nose.

His friends the anteaters have long, pointy noses for poking around in the sand and finding tasty bugs to eat. Well, maybe not tasty. Hippo thinks they're probably chewy and sour, kind of like raisins. But the anteaters seem to like them.

An anteater nose would be handy to snuffle for candies that dropped between the sofa cushions or sniffing flowers without having to bend down.

His friends the elephants look like tall hippopotamuses with long, strong noses. They call them trunks and use them to pick up food without a fork. They also use their trunks to play soccer, tag, and boxing.

Hippo heard a story about how a satiable elephant child got such a long nose. Maybe he should get one too!

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