Friday, December 21, 2007


I have been such a busy little hippo-getting ready for Christmas and seeing all the cool decorations around the city! I went to see the Zoolights display at the National Zoo. It was very cold outside, but very pretty right after our first snow.

There were lions...

...and tigers...

...and bears! Oh my!

I got very hungry thinking about pumpkin pie,

so I warmed up with a steaming hot funnel cake!

There weren't any light up hippos, but the flamingos and elephants were fun.

There was also a very scary python! I wonder if he is the one named Amazon in my building who keeps getting all the presents....

After I ran away from the big scary snake, I went to see an octopus

and a lot of monkeys.

By now, I was really cold again, so I went into the Think Tank to study how smart animals are. Of course, I already know all about that.

Even though it was really cold, I felt all warm and fuzzy (inside and out!) seeing the lights and my friends at the zoo. I hope they all get everything on their wish lists!

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