Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First snow

On Monday night Hippo got an early Christmas present to prepare for the winter festivities: a scarf, a hat, and mittens! They are colored in Spartan Green & White and Wolverine Maize & Blue, his four most favoritest colors.

So last night he wore his pajamas inside out and went to bed still wearing the hat and mittens. And this morning... SNOW! Time to try out Hippo's winter apparel.

This season, fringe is in. Fringe on the scarf, fringe on the tasseled cheek warmers, and poofy fringed cap top. Knit mittens keep delicate paws warm on blustery winter days and chilly winter nights.

Hippo has noticed that Santa is sending out delivery vans to get a head start on his Christmas Eve deliveries. Most of the packages so far were addressed to Amazon or Fedex. They must be a snake and a dog that live in our building. He's keeping his eyes peeled for a big truck labeled HIPPO.

All this modeling and waiting made Hippo hungry, so he tried catching a few snowflakes on his tongue as a little snack.

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