Friday, May 6, 2011

New Additions

We've had a few new additions to our hippo pod over the past few months. Please welcome:

Hiccup (purple) - A very supportive 'po. Rather timid, though. He gets the hiccups whenever he gets scared--which happens a lot. 

Nancy (pink) - Met Hippo while waiting for a flight at Reagan National Airport. She has become close friends with Frankie, and they enjoy lighting up and wearing glow sticks on special occasions.

Ronnie (blue) - Came bearing a gift of jelly beans. Quick to smile and laugh at any opportunity (especially when he has eaten too much sugar--like in jelly beans).

...and just because they felt neglected lately, Hippo and Frankie want to say "hello again!"

We hope everyone had a Hippo Easter!

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