Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hippo Patties Day

With "O'Potamus" in my family name, St. Patrick's Day just had to turn into a week-long celebration!

(not to mention the fact that certain little hippos will use almost any excuse to celebrate)

I don't recommend the green root beer, though. Bleah!  Regular root beer tastes much better and doesn't turn one's tongue funny colors. 

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Regulus said...

You're the most adorable little plush hippo I've ever seen. And I am very glad you are feeling so much better. However, I don't think green beer is the most yummy kind of beer.

But if you like such beer, that's wonderful, too, and I'm very happy for you, Mr. Potamus. Mr. Rick is very lucky to have you and your little hippo pod is delightful.

As for me, I tend to drink a bunch of vodka drinks. Boo.