Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy and the Girls

Long time Washingtonian Happy the Hippo is relaxing in the pool at his new home in Milwaukee. He recently discovered a couple of eligible hippo ladies right next door:

Puddles, 33, shorter and a bit heftier at 2,900 pounds, is the offspring of Pinky and Patti. She was born in Milwaukee. She and Happy seem to have hit it off. They have been seen licking each other, although hippos are also known to lick the floor.

Is a steel "howdy gate" enough to keep these two lovers apart? Read the article in the Washington Post for more juicy details!


Regulus said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Hippo.

And thank you for posting this article -- I missed it. Today is not only Thanksgiving but also my 1,100th, I mean, 40th birthday (it feels like 1,100th) and I think there is a less in it for me somewhere, somehow.

Hippo A. Potamus said...

Happy Birthday/Pumpkin Pie Day. Give your hippo an extra large slice!

Jimbo said...

Happy can be really "Happy" now!

Regulus said...

I let my hippo cut the pumpkin pie, but he just dragged the whole thing underwater in the bathtub where he reclines during the afternoon. My hippo isn't very finicky.