Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grapes with the Apes

Spring is a good time to be a hippo in the city – there's always something fun to do. Recently, I went to a big wine tasting party with my friends at the zoo. The bouncer didn't even check my I.D. because I am, of course, a V.I.P. (Very Important 'Po).

Most of the people were sticking their noses in their glasses, taking a sip, and then scribbling things on paper. My nose wouldn't quite fit, so I just admired the color and doodled monkeys on my menu.



D. McCormick said...

Did you notice that the ape design on your wine glass ACTUALLY looks mighty much like a HIPPO!!! Silly artists. I think they had you in mind and still had to just call it an ape. Besides, why apes/grapes? Just because it rhymes? Gosh, I think a hippo could accurately squash more grapes with those wonderful feet! :)

Rick Wagner said...

Crepes with the Apes

Mangoes with the 'Mingoes

Shakes with the Snakes

Pitas with the Cheetahs

Five Courses with Przewalski's Horses

Chocolate Mints with the Elephants

Brandied Pears with the Panda Bears

Anonymous said...

Cocoa with the Hippo
Bordeaux with the Hippo
Chips and Dips with the Hippos
Tacos with the Hippos
Bistros with the Hippos
Parsnip-o's with the Hippos (yuck!)
Hummus with the Hippopotmus

Jimbo said...

Cheers, Hippo !!!

Hippo A. Potamus said...

And don't forget Loukoumades with the Hippopotamus! ...if you go to Greek Festivals with your hippo, anyway! HOPA!

Anonymous said...

Loukoumades! Greek Doughnuts! Hippo must like a lot of grease with his sugar ... or a lot of sugar with his grease!


Hippo A. Potamus said...

We hippos DO have to maintain our shapely round physiques somehow! What better way than round food?!?! I only get to eat them twice a year, though-during the Greek festivals in the spring and fall.

Anonymous said...

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