Friday, April 10, 2009



hippopotamus: カバ

そして、彼は着物を着ると、すし屋(の美しい木々の前で一時停止に下がった) 。すべての日本人の友達には彼と彼は言う:



Cassandra said...

I can't read or speak any chinese.... is it possible to translate it Mr. Potamus?

Rick Wagner said...

Here's a rough translation:

"When Hippo learned that the blossoming cherry trees were gifts to the United States from Japan, he was inspired to learn all about Japanese culture. First, he learned how to write his name in Japanese.

hippopotamus: カバ

Then he put on his kimono and went down to the sushi restaurant, stopping for a photo in front of this beautiful tree. To all of his Japanese friends he says:

Hippo Loves You!"

Jack D. said...

kung fu hippo

Hippo A. Potamus said...

I don't speak much Japanese--except for my name, hello, goodbye, sushi, and Pocky. But if you run me through Google's translator (, you can read it yourself, too! I rather like the way the last line translates.... :)

Danielle said...

It's Japanese, not Chinese, but regardless, Hippo looks good in a kimono! Hippo in Chinese is 河馬, which means river horse.


Danielle said...

(and if you wish to learn how to pronounce it in Chinese, here's a good site:

D. McCormick said...

Willie (that's a GIRLS' name, thank you), Turtle, and Pancake (the pig, of course) went to visit the cherry blossoms too. Seems that short legs can climb cherry trees if they are really patient and don't mind the scratchy bark stuff on rubbing on their fur.
Willie, being 36 years old, and very wise, was very pleasantly surprised to learn that not only were there other hippos in DC at the cherry tree sort of place, but that one particular one was wearing a fancy Kimono. Hmmm, actually this makes Willie feel rather naked in her picture. Cover your eyes. (she's on her page over at ... but really, she's rather naked, so look with caution!)