Friday, March 6, 2009

If You Give a Hippo a Hamburger

Ms. Ireland's Class in Smiths Falls, Ontario joined with Ms. Tanner's class in Lake Worth, Florida to write this cute story in the vein of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie:

If You Give a Hippo a Hamburger

By Romario, Chase, Katherine, Nairn, Victoria, and Jessica

If you give a hippo a hamburger he'll want some ketchup to go with it. The ketchup might remind him of his grandma's chili. So he'll want to go see her and eat some.

On the way to the car he might notice the pictures on your refrigerator. So instead of going he'll want to send her a postcard. Then when you go outside to mail them he'll see a huge tree. He'll climb the three and see a little cat.

The cat will remind him of a puppy at the pet store. He'll want to go buy the puppy but when you get there the puppy will already be sold. While you're at the mall he'll see a fishing rod in the hardware store.

The rod will remind him of fishing with grandpa. On the way to grandpa's dock he'll see a tomato plant. The tomatoes will remind him of ketchup so he'll ask you for some.

Chances are that if you give your hippo some ketchup he'll want a hamburger to go with it.


Hippo A. Potamus said...

If you give THIS Hippo a hamburger, he's going to want some fries with that, too!

Anonymous said...

SUPER-size that hippo!