Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hipp-O-lympic Fever!

I've been watching the Olympics almost around the clock (except when snoozing, snacking, or blogging)--especially the swimming competitions! Hippos really like to swim.

The International Olympic committee should consider adding a few more sports:
  • Underwater Breath Holding (Did you know that hippos can hold their breath for 6 minutes?)
  • Couch Potato Snacking Marathon (make sure you get all the food groups in for a balanced snack--sweet, salty, cheez covered, iced, frozen, and chocolate)
  • Endurance TV watching (hippos are especially good at the "dead stare." It intimidates the competitors.)

I'm a gold medalist in all three of these sports. I feel kind of sorry for all the Olympians, though. Their medals aren't filled with tasty chocolate like mine!

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Jimbo said...

Hip-Hippo-Hooray for Hippo !!!