Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hippo Easter!

Happy Hippo Easter! I hope the Easter Hippo brought everyone a lot of chocolate!


sassette726 said...

Where on earth did you find hippo easter eggs? I love them!

(As the proud owner of a vast and diverse hippo collection, I love this blog. It's adorable.)

Hippo A. Potamus said...

One of my handlers found my hippo egg minions at Target. I don't know if they might still have them on sale now, but we saw them two years in a row!

I'm glad you're a hippo fan. It is nice to know that elephants and rhinos don't get all the love....

Maria said...

I love your hippo blog! I thought the Thanksgiving photos were particularly cute.

I'm a fellow hippo worshipper, and have adopted quite a few over the years...

I noticed that your email ends with

Are you a student at UofM? I got my BM degree from the School of Music in 1998 and lived in Ann Arbor for 6 years! Great school, great town!

Anyway, Hippo Easter!