Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Election Day!

Potomac Primary Day was very exciting in Washington, DC! Until I watched the news last week, I thought Super Tuesday was all about superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, and Superman. I was a little disappointed at first, but I decided to learn a little more.

I went to the polls this morning with one of my loyal staff. I'm not old enough to vote, but I got a cool sticker that says "I Voted" anyway. It isn't lying – I helped cast the ballot.

Now I get to stay up late to watch the results come in. The news stations use pretty colors and a lot of interesting graphics, so even when the speeches get boring, there is still something to watch.

Now, I am a very civic minded hippo. I can't run for President – I'm too young and I wasn't born here – but I wouldn't mind being King of the Hippos! It is a lot of responsibility, but I think I could do it.

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